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Rubbing Stone: A Nose Hill Anthology (in press)
VP Publishing (Calgary Women's Writing Project Society) and Editor, Forum Magazine 1999-2001
Editor, FreeFall Magazine 2004 - 2006

collaborative fiction & ghost-writing
Legal Arrogance. with Gondor Kane. Playa Blanca Publishing (1998) pseudonym: Vivian Harris

Leylines of My Flesh (Touchwood Press 2002)
A Tincture of Sunlight (in progress)
Chastising the Rhubarb (in progress)

Bedstemor, Women of Letters. Our Grandmothers, Ourselves. Bedstemor (Ed. Gina Valle) Raincoast Books 1999
Diary of a Depressed Mother. Study in Grey: Women Writing About Depression. (Eds. Wynne Edwards, Shirley Serviss) Rowan Books 1999
Sounding the Medicine Map* Threshold: A New Anthology of Alberta Writing. (Ed. Srdja Pavlovic) University of Alberta Press 1999 - *aired on CBC (Alberta Anthology) August 7, 1998
Tunnelling. Mocambo Nights (ed. Patrick Lane) Ekstasis Editions 2001
Whiteout. Running Barefoot: Women Writing the Land. (Ed: Shirley Serviss). Rowan Books 2001
Cerulean Blue Madwoman in the Academy. (Eds. Keahey & Schnitzer) University of Calgary Press. 2003
Wolf Willow Against the Bridge Writing the Terrain: Travelling through Alberta with the Poets. (ed: Robert Stamp) University of Calgary Press. 2005
'Woman with a Tattoo", 'weeping into eternity' in Freshwater Pearls, the 30th Anniversary Anthology of the Alexandra Writers Centre, 2011.

journals from 2003 to present:
"Covenant Explored," Canadian Journal of Woman Studies, Vol. #22, #2, 2003
"Bruised Rock," Paperplates (e-zine), Vol. #5, #3, 2003
"High Foreheads," tessera, Vols 33/34, 2003
"Cognoscente," Crossing Place 2003, (Eds. Kimmy Beach, etal)
"Devonian Gardens," Prairie Journal #40, 2003
"E-mail Subjectivity, Too Early for Leaves," Lichen Literary Journal, (Vol. 5, #2)
"Intuition, Expecting Bees," Jones Av, IX/2, 2003
"Dubbing the Scent," "Returning From Edmonton," "Seconds," "Viagra Bonus," Rags 4, Mudlark Writers Collective 2003
"Ants on Avocadoes," "That's Her Story," "Constellations on Your Back," Room of One's Own Vol. 27, #2 2004
"Pond Scum and Halibut," 0000 - Originality of Orality On-Line, July 2005
"Crazy-Making," Rags 6, Volume 6, Issue #1, Fall 2005
"Meet me at the Weasel-Stump Pass," "Notes on Hiding in Long Grass While you Cry about Loss," "Paskapoo Rock," "Seeing Red: A Gloss on All the Luck," September 2006
"The Sun Behind the Spruce Tree," "Trusting a Teal River," "Woman With a Tattoo," Rags VII, Volume 7, Issue #1, Fall 2006
"Virgin Sturgeon," The Fieldstone Review, Inaugural Issue, #1, 2006
"Holding Ink to Light: a Decade of Mutability in Forum Magazine,", November 2006
"Sneaking Up On Rocks," The Goose, Issue #3, Spring 2007.
"Moth Thoughts" NõD Issue Number 7, Fall 2007

commissioned Work
CBC - Hundedagene and the Foxtail Phenomena, Poetry Faceoff, February 2004

Numerous reviews for A Room of One's Own, The Calgary Herald, and Forum from 1991-1995
Writing the Circle: Native Women of Western Canada. (Eds. Jeanne Perreault, Sylvia Vance.) 1991. Forum. Vol.3, #1
Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Dene. Windspeaker, 1998
Kiss of the Fur Queen. Windspeaker, 1998
Iron John: Myth E/Merging Man. Mattoid 54. Examining/Experiencing Masculinities. (Ed. Brian Edwards). Deakin University. Australia 1999
Alarum Within (Kimmy Beach), in Prairie Journal #41, 2004
go-go dancing with Elvis (Leslie Greentree), in Prairie Journal #41, 2004
The Vengeful Wife and Other Blackfoot Stories. (Hugh Dempsey) Beaver Magazine, 2004
Parrot With Tourette's (Richard Stevenson), Black Moss Press 2004 Palm Poetry Series Prairie Journal, 2005
States of Nature: Conserving Canada's Wildlife in the Twentieth Century (Tina Loo) in The Goose 4.2 Fall 2008

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